Workshop news

2015-02-12 00:00

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2015-01-21 11:19

Workshop Program


Scientific Committee

Chair: Ansgar Steland (Aachen)

Krzystof Szajowski (Wroclaw)
Ewaryst Rafajlowicz (Wroclaw)
Uwe Jensen (Hohenheim)
Sven Knoth (Hamburg)
Marko Burkschat (Aachen)
Waltraud Kahle (Magdeburg)

Organizing Committee

Chair: Krzystof Szajowski (Wrocław)

Ewa Skulbalska-Rafajłowicz (Wrocław)
Mohammed Abujarad (Aachen)
Annabel Prause (Aachen)

Supporting Organizations and Sponsors

 The Polish Society of Mathematics

The Workshop Series is biannually organized by the Society of Quality, Reliability and Safety. The 12th workshop is organized as (but not limited to) a German-Polish one. The next workshop will take place in 2017 in Berlin.